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Jingjiang city yongxin special steel co., LTD. Is a large-scale backbone enterprises in the province,With precision casting、Special casting、And various mechanical processing equipment, welding and heat treatment,Company technology force is abundant,Set research and development of science and technology、Design、Processing and manufacturing,Installation and service trade as one of the production entity,Strict scientific management,Complete test methods,To ensure the good performance of the product。Company main products have three categories:A、Main electric power industry products:All kinds of wear resistant、Heat resistant steel、Centrifugal casting pipe、High、In the、Low chromium alloy steel balls、Ball mill lining tile,All kinds of heat resistant steel nozzle、The burner、New type of coal powder mixer,All kinds of power station air door、The separator……

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Our company adheres to“High quality、Efficient、Service、Development”The management idea,In order to“Unity、Innovation、To exploit、Endeavour”The spirit of enterprise,Better for electric power、Metallurgy、Aeronautics and astronautics、Petrochemical industry such as service。

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We insist on“The quality strives for the survival、Innovation for development”The guidelines,After constant
Accumulation and technological innovation,Product specification is complete。

The role of double metal plate
The role of the lining board:  1、Grinding media--Ball and segment  2、Grinding effect  3、Protection of grinding cylinder  Choose a variety of lining board main consideration is effect to the promotion of grinding media,Medium trajectories。  Have the liner material chromium molybdenum alloy steel、In alloy steel、High chromium cast iron、Manganese steel、Rubber、Polyurethane, etc。Shape has a rib、Corrugated、Angle of screw and so on。  When is given priority to with crushing,For lining surface grinding medium put ability is stronger,At the same time lining board should have a good shock resistance,High manganese steelZGMn13Have enough resistance to impact toughness,But I don't wear resistance and easy deformation,Now most is to switch to double
Wear resistant alloy steel according to the content of alloy elements into what
1、According to the content of alloy elements  1)Low alloy steel alloy element content less than or equal to the total5%;  2)The total content in alloy steel alloy elements5%~10%In between;  3)High alloy steel alloy element content is greater than or equal to the total10%;  2、According to the kinds of alloy elements  Chrome steel、Manganese steel、Chromium manganese steel、Nickel chrome steel、Nickel chrome molybdenum steel、Silicon manganese molybdenum vanadium steel, etc。  3、According to the main application  (1)Structural steel  1)Building and engineering with structural steel  2)Machinery manufacturing with structural steel  (2)Tool steels  (3)The special performance of steel
Cold work die steel performance requirements
Fracture resistance one-time brittle fracture resistance:Can represent a one-off index for an impact fracture resistance to brittle fracture、The compressive strength and bending strength。The index can reflect the fracture resistance of the punch when overload。  Fatigue fracture resistance:By certain of fracture under cyclic load cycles or the prescribed load values to characterize specimen fracture cause cycles,Available small energy impact rupture work or repeated impact fracture life many times,A compression fatigue strength and fatigue life,The contact fatigue life of contact fatigue strength or several indexes to reflect。  Fracture of crack resistance:After the mould has been in existence in the micro crack,The fracture resistance is greatly reduced

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